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Reputation is identified to be the most important driver of competitiveness by top companies. Reputation&Trust provides you with structured reputation data so you can approach reputation management with confidence.


8 Dimensions of Reputation


Governance measures how the company operates, whether its actions are transparent and fair.

Financial Performance

Financial performance explores financial aspects of the business.


Leadership investigates the management of the company.


Innovations dimension reveals perceptions about the company’s innovativeness.


Dialogue discloses the company’s ability to communicate with their stakeholders.

Products & Services

Products & Services measures whether stakeholders perceive the company’s offering as valuable.


Workplace studies the employer image of the company.


Responsibility explores people’s perceptions of the company’s considerations over societal issues.


Reputation&Trust helps you focus on actions that effectively build your stakeholder support. The model helps you to prioritise your actions by disclosing the most impactful reputation dimensions in relation to your business or operations.

"The results they have provided us with have been genuinely helpful. Reputation&Trust's strengths include a clear framework and a strategic approach."

Arja Suominen

SVP, Corporate Communications and Corporate Responsibility at Finnair, the largest airline in Finland

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Our proven statistical model transforms reputation into manageable performance metrics. You can accurately track the development of your reputation and benchmark against industry averages and competition. You can set and share measurable objectives with executives, directors and people working with corporate relations and communications.

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We will provide you with a detailed report and analysis of your current situation. Due to our clear data visualisations, the study results are easy to understand, and the research can be effortlessly used by the entire organisation.

"The research team is applying the latest academic knowledge in their approach. Applying these techniques should allow organisations to build data-driven strategies and stakeholder engagements that add value for both business and society"

Professor Kevin Money

Co-Director, the John Madejski Centre for Reputation, Henley Business School

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